Dot Com Segway - PWN and FAIL Edition

It was a Segway kind of day today as Michael Kwan, John Chow and I travelled out to Langley, BC Canada for a private test ride of the new Segway x2. The test ride was setup by Larry Runnalls of Segway BC, the sole distributor of the product line this side of Canada. Larry has setup quite the business renting and selling Segways to the movie industry as well as ambulance and police forces across the BC. We were very thankful that he took time out of his day to deal with a group of misfits like us.

The Segway x2, unlike the tamer i2, features large knobby tires that make it useful for both trail and turf. It comes in an adventure version with super knobbies, while a Turf and Golf version use a less environmentally impacting fat tire pattern. Compared to the original models, the new versions, both i2 and x2 use Lithium Ion batteries vs the old NiCads and have increased its performance to a range of 40KM's per charge. The new Segways also carry a top speed of 20KM/h. The steering has also been greatly improved, using a yoke that tilts left and right versus the old twist turn system of the original Segways. This makes the turning more intuitive.

Unfortunately, this would be the last time you'll see Michael Kwan smiling as there is a reason this is called the "PWN and FAIL" Edition. Check out the video...

Poor Michael. He'll never live this or the "Spooning" thing down. Not only did he run over my FLIP Mino, but he ran over himself as well.

Fortunately, the FLIP Mino survived to tell the tale and to film another day. I was surprised that it didn't crush under the pressure of Michael and the Segway x2 running over it. I guess Pure Video really did do their homework when creating this device as the metal ring protected both the lens and the body from harm with just a few scratches.

Overall, everyone had a lot of fun today and even though a Kwanye and a Flip Mino were harmed in the making of this video, at least both will live to ride again another day. I'm sure we'll be sharing our war stories at this weekend's Dot Com Pho.

My Top Five Commenters - What Are They Up To Today?

It's been a while since I've done one of these "recognize my commenters" types of posts. Today, I've decided to check on my top five of my top ten commenters noted in my sidebar to see what they're blogging about today. Here's what I found...

Michael Kwan - I don't know how "Kwanye" (see the Dot Com Pho Video) does it but it must have something to do with his caffeine consumption. I mean, how else could it seem like he's writing 24/7 without stopping? I guess "th-that don't kill him, can only make him stronger..."  Anyway, Kwanye thinks the IOC is racist. Oh Kwanye. You so ignant.

Ken - Ken is hard at work on the American Liberty Association Blog. I don't know what that is exactly, but that post about Bush Being Snubbed caught my eye. He called him a "waving doofus". Nice!

Ed Lau - The butt of all our jokes and insults in our Insult[Ed] Edition of Dot Com Pho, Ed Lau, is still prancing around in Japan. He frolicks through the Japanese landscape and checks out men's hair, large men in tiny diapers, and metro-sexual food. He's like the "Queer Eye" of Dot Com Pho.

Derek Semmler - Derek has a great tip on using CSS to give all your posted photos a cool professional border. Instead of having to edit each individual photo, the CSS trick really gives your photos that "Sports Illustrated" look. Speaking of sports, Derek also challenges you to do 100 push ups. So far, between him and me, he's winning but I get Tim Hortons so I think I actually win.

Enkay Blog - One of the winners of my recent contest, Enkay, has posted about the recent page rank shakedown and the new page ranks of a bunch of blogs including mine. Although my rank hasn't changed, I think there has been some shuffling so you might want to check yours to see if you went up (or down).

That's it for this edition. Tune in next time, whenever that is. I guess it'll be when I feel like it again 😉

Dot Com Pho - The Just Pho Phun Edition

The only thing that is dead is Elvis because Dot Com Pho is more alive than ever! This week we hit Cuu Long Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver at the suggestion of Greg Morgan. Unfortunately, Greg decided to take off to the Pemberton Festival so that he could endure the longest traffic backup ever and enjoy the downpour of rain in this outdoor venue. As a test for the 2010 Olympics, I think based on the traffic problems, this one is a fail and they have less than two years to fix it.

Attending this week was Michael Kwan, Michael "FATAL1TY (6)" Yurechko, Tyler Ingram and Leo Chiang. Apologies for the wait in getting the video up this week but the FLIP Mino ran out of recording time so we substituted Tyler's Canon ELPH in to record the Gadget of the Week segment. Despite the fact that the video was done yesterday, you can't have a Dot Com Pho without a "Gadget of the Week" so I had to wait on the final cilp from Tyler so we could post it. Anyhow, Tyler finally got the clip to me today and here's our July 26th "Just Pho Phun Edition" of Dot Com Pho...

So how as the Chow? Well, the Chow wasn't as good as Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant or Pho Thai Hoa, but still better than Pho Lan in many respects. The coffee drippers actually worked and the spring rolls weren't obliterated in the fryer. Overall happiness still goes to the Happy Pho Guy, Brian (Bryan?) at Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant. Pho Thai Hoa is still my favourite for the Chow.

We’d still like to invite any restaurants or eateries that think they can deal with us to contact me so that we can come check you out one of these Saturdays. All you have to do is put up with us for an afternoon, maybe give us some great food discounts (I’m Chinese. Have to ask.), and you might end up with a bunch of publicity from grateful local bloggers. Keep in mind, you need to be close to transit, offer parking and be centrally located in the Greater Vancouver Area. If you’re Scooter friendly, that’s a bonus.

For next week, who knows where we'll be. It could be Pho, it could be Dim Sum, it might even be Tandori. If you want to keep up on Dot Com Pho Developments, make sure you add me to Twitter. If you want to come out, you just need to let us know by commenting on the secret pho location announcement on Friday or by tweeting me so that we can save you a seat. See you all next week!

Tomorrow's Secret Dot Com Pho Location - Cuu Long Restaurant

After a WonderPho Experience at Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant, the Dot Com Crew moves on to a new location in Vancouver. If you missed out on the drama, much controversy has swirled around the mass exodus to Vancouver from Richmond. John Chow calls this a Dot Com Split after the failure of the Richmond meet, which attracted an inflated seven people versus the true five that attended the WonderPho Edition. There was no video to prove the numbers, but we have it on good authority that John counted immediate family members in this total, which puts the real numbers at three. Since John often goads me about getting my Dot Com Pho videos up faster, the fact that there was no Richmond Dot Com Pho video is a telling tale of what really happened.

We hope John reconsiders his stubborn protest over a fifteen minute drive to Vancouver (vs a five minute drive within Richmond). Sources do say that there are members of the Chow clan that are equally sick of going to Pho Lan every week. I wonder if the change from Pho Lan to Pho Hoa this week in Richmond was in response to this. However, it was John himself that bitched at us for being disloyal and leaving Pho Lan so we are confused by his own move to Pho Hoa, a chain restaurant in Richmond. Even we won't venture to another Pho Restaurant in Richmond for fear of retribution from Mr. Lan.

Moving forward, this week's location has been chosen. Located at the corner of Knight and Kingsway, this restaurant called "Cuu Long" is not far from our first superior Pho experience in Vancouver at Pho Thai Hoa. It is also a B-Line directly from Richmond across the Knight Street bridge so we hope to see John this week so we can put an end to this drama. This location meets our criteria with a central location that is easily accessible by transit and parking should be somewhat improved due to the lack of the next door Dim Sum that Pho Thai Hoa parkers had to contend with and the trendier neighbourhood that Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant is located.

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If you want to come out this week, all we ask is that you either leave a comment here or Twitter Me so that we can hold down enough seats to take care of everyone. Despite all the drama, John is still a friend and a dot com brother and we'll always have a seat saved for him.

See you all tomorrow! 😀

German Redneck Beer Box Scooter...

Them Rednecks... They Everywhere... Even on Scooters...

Those must be really small wheels under that thing. I wonder what would happen if he hit a small rock at that speed. In a spill, not only would his neck be red, but so would his chest, arms, legs, back, face not to mention the repercussions of losing the beer. Good things he's wearing shorts I guess. Nothing would suck more than a red ass.