Lexi Starts Doing Unboxing Videos!

2014-10-10-20.22.08 Nothing makes an Internet Dad prouder than seeing his kids take up the family business.  Especially when it's completely their idea!

Lexi's been watching toy unboxing videos on YouTube for a little while now. Her favourite seems to be Disney Car Toys, and just recently, she's discovered EvanTubeHD recently. Yes, the same kid that makes 1.3 million dollars a year off YouTube. That's no small amount of Mr. Potato Heads!

One day, Lexi's mom broke down, and got her a new toy. But the funny thing was, she wanted to save her new toy, and wait till I got home, so that I could help her do an unboxing video. Wait. What?

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The 2014 Douglas College Marketing Practicum Students Dazzle Clients Again


Wasim from last year's 2013 Marketing Practicum Wave at Douglas College. Photo by Allan Schroeder.

For the last couple of years, I've had the opportunity to work with Douglas College and their Marketing Practicum students. And every year, we raise the bar just a little more.

This year, I had an opportunity advise the students on things that I think I know a thing or two about, including best practices for running and maintaining a website, social media, and one thing that I've gotten quite heavily into, which is video production. And while I've been able to spread my knowledge across nearly 9 groups of students (working in Trios), I was tasked with bringing three of those groups up a notch thanks to a partnership with Envision Financial and Douglas College.

The three groups were tasked with evaluating client needs, and matching them with actionable marketing strategies that included everything from traditional marketing methods, to the latest online methods through social media. I was very excited to be working with all three groups, which represented great organizations including SUCCESS, Tri-City Transitions, and Eagle Ridge Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop. But the most rewarding part of the semester was watching the students take on a task of creating a concept, a script, and helping to shoot the amazing videos below.

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Happy New Year and Three Great Ways To Keep Business Buzzing During Slow Months


Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry for not blogging as much as I've wanted to and I've resolved to change that for 2013. Things have been extremely busy for me lately as I just got back from CES 2013 in Las Vegas just over a week ago and there's a ton of follow up to do with all the companies I visited for Futurelooks and MEGATechNews. We also did some amazing coverage so you can check that out over here (Futurelooks CES 2013 Coverage) and here (MEGATechNews CES 2013 Coverage) if you're into computers, gadgets and other techie stuff.

Like any business, there are periods of the year where things seem to die down quite a bit. In some cases it can be so slow that it can be quite terrifying for businesses that rely on more regular business. If you're wondering what that looks like, just look at the picture above, courtesy of Michael Kwan. In fact, that's what I look like this time of year because even my business goes through this slump around the January and February periods where advertisers start to cut back to reset themselves for Q2 when things start to pick up again. After the busy holiday season, people just don't seem to want to look at stuff that they might want to buy, possibly putting them into further debt, which I totally understand.

If you do have a business that has a dip sometime during the year, it’s important to take some extra measures to ensure that it's business as usual. And this might involve spending dollars that you might otherwise keep saved, in exchange for the potential pay off of more business down the road.

While cost cutting for those lean times is an effective means of riding it out, sometimes a bit of out of the box thinking is needed to stand out from the crowd. Let's face it. Email blasts only go so far, especially with SPAM filters set to kill these days. Here are three good ways that might help your business out.

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